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History of the Company

Harrison Sewing Machine Company was formed.


Berzack Brothers Limited was formed and acquired the Harrison Sewing Machine Company.


Berzack Brothers (Holdings) Limited was formed and acquired the trading business.
The company was known as "Berzacks".


Berzack Brothers (Holdings) Limited was listed on the JSE.


Berzack Brothers bought Illman Plastics. The pyramid holding company "Berzack Illman Investment Corporation" was formed. Berzacks continued to import and distribute household and industrial sewing machines and allied products to the clothing, footwear and allied industries. Sato Labelling Systems was formed to supply price marking guns and labelling solutions.


Bloch and Levitan was acquired, complementing Berzacks' area of interest. Bloch and Levitan imports and distributes fittings and nylon products to the luggage, clothing and allied industries.


Bidvest acquired a controlling interest in the company and Berzack Brothers was delisted from the JSE.
Berzacks was reversed into Voltex, which became the listed company.


Bidvest bought out all the outside shareholders and Voltex became a 100% wholly owned subsidiary.

Today, 'Berzacks' is still known as "The Sewing Machine People". They are the leading wholesale distributors of industrial machinery and accessories to the clothing, luggage and embroidery industries.

'Berzacks' is also "The Trusted Name in Appliance Distribution". They distribute top European household brands to leading chain stores and independent retailers.

The Bloch and Levitan division are distributors of metal fittings and accessories, PVC, plastic sheeting and upholstery materials, press and peel fasteners and metal trimmings for the leather, upholstery, stationary, luggage, clothing and bag manufacturing industries.

Berzacks mission statement

To be a dominant force in all of the market sectors in which the group is involved, by distributing quality products and providing quality service, thus ensuring optimum returns for shareholders whilst providing growth opportunities and stability for all its employees.

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