Non-Apparel Machines

Revolutionary new knitting machines that overturn the conventional standard of a flat knitting machine.

Non-Apparel Machines

With combined experience in both computerized knitting and cutting, SHIMA SEIKI supports industrial textile manufacturing for a variety of applications through exclusive experience and know-how. Shima machines offer Shaped knitting capability that is unique to flat knitting, their machines have Integral built-in aggregate parts, they utilize Seam-free WholeGarment technology that knits products in their entirety. These machines have developed new stitches and knit structures, Shima offers the expanding capability to handle new materials in both knitting and cutting.
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JaNets Machines

JUKI sells high-precision technology cultivated through a long history of industrial sewing machine development.


Nowadays professional-grade equipment is becoming increasingly popular even among the amateur and recreational sports markets. Knitwear features superior stretch characteristics, and furthermore seam-free WholeGarment® 3D shaping technology offers ideal fit and comfort. View our gallery below to see how this technology works as well as what machines we can assist you with.

Customers of all kinds heartily welcome the high-quality sewing and user-friendly operability, from beginners to professionals.... Some sewing machines have a function to adjust thread tension automatically together with useful reverse-stitch and automatic thread-trimming functions operable by the press of a single button. JUKI aims to create new forms of fun together with its hobbyist customers by selling sewing machines that encourage creativity. A single sewing machine sews stitches of many kinds such as straight stitches, zig-zag stitches, decorative stitches, character stitches, and buttonholes.

Knitting Machine Partner

SHIMA SEIKI leads the world’s flat knitting industry with a rich history of technological innovation. Having invented the world’s first Digital Stitch Control System and seamfree WholeGarment® knitwear, they are also known as an industry pioneer. Under their founding philosophy to “create ourselves what is not available,” SHIMA SEIKI’s reputation as innovation leader has been unchallenged for over 50 years. Continuing with research and development in textiles outside of knitting, Shima have gone beyond the limits of fashion, having entered the industrial textile sector. At SHIMA SEIKI they approach technical textiles in the same manner as we have in the past, providing innovative solutions based on our core technology of knitting and other textile processes.

JUKI is our main Domestic Machines partner. JUKI sells both electronic and computer controlled sewing machines....This small-sized lock sewing machine performs “overcasting (saddle stitches)” to prevent fraying at the ends of fabrics and threads.

This machine also excels at sewing knit fabrics and stretch cloths. Use with household sewing machines broadens the range of dressmaking capabilities.

Better still, the machine can also sew an expanded range of decorative stitches for corsages and frills.

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